Founded by Jamie Bretman, Jack Coleman and Simon Wright in 2012, Dummies Corp have been delighting audiences young and old with a nuanced blend of circus, comedy and imaginative play, creating shared and treasured experiences for families across Australia and around the world.

Bretman, Coleman and Wright are highly skilled circus performers who created Trash Test Dummies in 2013 and have been touring nationally and internationally ever since. They have performed for sell-out crowds and have been critically acclaimed in Australia, Asia and Europe winning a host of awards including the coveted Best Children’s Presentation at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2015. The company are firm favourites on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival program each year and continue to delight fans young and old with their trademark blend of circus, comedy and imagination.

It is this balance of physical comedy, circus and audience interaction that give their shows a unique wonder and charm. Like a Pixar film or an episode from Sesame Street, the companies shows appeals on several levels with cultural references that resonate across generations. At the forefront of the show is the timeless and universal sense of fun and imaginative play.

In 2017 Dummies Corp. debuted It’s second creation, Splash Test Dummies, a show of oceanic proportions which immediately became a hit that has continuously toured ever since and received critical acclaim both in Australia and around the world. Due to the success of this show, Trash Test Dummies is now performed by an entirely new cast of Incredible circus comedians.

In 2019 Dummies corp. debuted its first production with an all-star female cast of comedy circus artists called Don’t Mess With the Dummies. A fully-fledged all-women ensemble, that will encompass an endearing meld of circus, comedy and character of which the Dummies are famous. The show is produced and directed by the company and has been on tour since is debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2019.

Dummies Corp. is an independent company that is completely self-funded. Over the course of its five-year life span it has gone from 1 production with 3 employees to having 3 productions on tour, employing 9 artists, 3 technicians and 2 producers and mentoring up and coming circus companies.